The surge of COVID-19 cases has increased the number of people requiring hospitalisation, especially oxygen therapy.  

MASA volunteers  mobilised into an emergency response mode, innovating and quickly adapted to provide a functional, safe and code-compliant medical facility ,with careful attention to quality and safety, within 5 days.

The MASA Medpark facility started accepting patients from 24th of June 2021 with the first 20 isolation rooms available in Norwood and is equipped to treat patients at “sub-acute” level of care only. 

The facility is managed by health care workers — most who are volunteering to help the province battle against COVID-19

JOC HOTLINE : COVID Related Support Admission Enquiries


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A very close person to my family was treated at this hospital and ultimately passed away a last night. The kindness and humanity shown was absolutely incredible. If you could spare a prayer for the deceased please do. Purple heart

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My family & I want to thank FEROZ,YASEEN,ZEYN,ARSHAD,ML PELWAN,ML ANEES, QARI S PECK, ADIL,DR ZAHEER,DR ZAKIA & THE WONDERFUL NURSING STAFF at MASA MEDPARK, the GHUSL TEAM,the BURIAL TEAM & everyone else involved there are no words that would do justice in saying jazakAllah.

The genuine concern,care, respect & honour you showed our parents before & when they passed is immeasurable.

You guys are soldiers of Allah & your reward is with Allah.

May Allah bless you & your families with the best of both worlds.

You will forever be in our duas & I’m sure the duas of all those you have,are & will help in the future.

May Allah continue to guide you & may you grow from strength to strength.

Once again jazakAllah hu kharun.

I believe that our entire community shares these sentiments, and truly appreciate the immense sacrifice and effort of this team. May Allah indeed reward you all abundantly 🙏🙏

Masha-Allah! So super proud of you, May Allah accept your efforts and preserve you with a long, healthy life so you can continue to do more good!

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