MASA & SA Home Loans Foundation Uplift The Spirits of Those Hardest Hit By The Coronavirus Pandemic

Muslim Association of South Africa – 

The Muslim Association of South Africa in conjunction with the SA Home Loans Foundation & the Gauteng Department of Social Development delivered much needed food hampers to the impoverished community living in the Marathon Informal Settlement near Germiston on Saturday.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, the Muslim Association of South Africa with its volunteers have delivered thousands of food parcels to informal settlements, frail care centers and orphanages while necessary PPE equipment is still being delivered to various hospitals in and around Gauteng.

Marathon Informal Settlement’s Community Leader Johannes, expressed his sincere appreciation upon receiving the food hampers after working tirelessly with coordinators to ensure a smooth and regulated delivery.

“We received the food and we are happy, but we still need so much more, maybe after a couple of weeks again you know, because hunger is hunger and starvation is starvation.”

The Muslim Association of South Africa’s Chairman Yaseen Theba says the need for food is absolutely dire.

“People are anxious, lining up for food, from our last assessment in the area the demand for food has grown significantly.”

Theba took the opportunity to thank the SA Home Loans Foundation for sponsoring the food hampers for the distribution in the Marathon Informal Settlement.

“Without their valuable support, we wouldn’t have been able to contribute as much as we did in this area today.”

“We are all aware of the unprecedented challenges and hardship that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, and we have all been called to work together as a nation to overcome the threat posed by this pandemic, says Pam Nene; Senior Manager: Transformation at SA Home Loans.

“We know that the need is far greater than any one organisation, that is why, the SA Home Loans Foundation has pledged support to MASA, who are distributing much needed food relief to  communities impacted by the pandemic,” she adds.

In the midst of the current Coronavirus crisis we are experiencing, when the most vulnerable lack access to a basic need such as food, the Muslim Association of South Africa will continue bringing relief during these tumultuous times.

Help is provided based on need, with the goal of saving human lives, soothing human suffering and maintaining human dignity.

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