UPDATE ON ‘FAMILIES WITHOUT BREADWINBERS’ PROJECT – Full detailed reports on individual families available to those who sponsored families.

Our 100% donations policy means every single cent donated is used strictly for charitable efforts. Donations go into a ‘charity-only’ bank account from which nothing is removed for fundraising, travel, salaries or administration costs.

Update 28th May 2021 

On the Ground – from South Africa to Gaza!

The Muslim Association of South Africa (MASA) has committed to support families on the ground that have been most affected by the Palestinian crisis.

According to teams on the ground the 11 day air raids & bombings in Gaza have left approximately over seventy two thousand people displaced. With over 2000 admissions into hospitals and over 250 people killed including 66 children and 39 women.

Massive explosions from airstrikes flattened homes and injured innocent families across Gaza, putting extreme strain on an already overstretched healthcare system. Added to the fact that 97% of water in Gaza is undrinkable, and electricity has been chronically stifled, which leaves homes, clinics, and schools with power cuts for up to 20 hours.

35% of Gaza’s most fertile farming land and 85% of its fishing waters are inaccessible because of the blockade. Water is scarce, and when it’s available it’s polluted, and farmers have had to abandon many popular crops which require large amounts of clean water.

The deaths of doctors including some of the most qualified specialist further exacerbate a medical staff and expertise shortage in the Gaza Strip, the result of blockage that prevents freedom of movement, causes dire supply and equipment shortages and hinders medical advancement.

The World Health Organization (WHO) chief said on Monday COVID testing and vaccination have been badly affected and called for health workers and facilities to be protected. COVID-19 testing and vaccination have been severely impacted, he added.

“Palestinian aid workers are crying out for your help following the current ceasefire and they need our help to rebuild basic infrustructure.” – said Yaseen Theba, Chairman of MASA after receiving an ‘Urgent Distress Call’ by the Palestinian Ministry of Health and liaising with teams on the ground.

Teams on the ground thanked Allah and expressed their appreciation for the International support in Gaza and for the Palestinian people while ‘picking up the devastation’: … there are homes all over Gaza that have been destroyed. The latest figures we have are that 1 000 individual homes have been completely destroyed, 700 have been severely damaged, and another 14 000 home units have been partially damaged. There is a ratio of about more than six people per home in this town and in the strip, that’s more than 80 000 people who have lost their homes or had their homes seriously or partially damaged. That is a major catastrophe for this community.

Circumstances are compounded by the crisis of very high poverty and unemployment rates in the Gaza Strip, as well as the restrictions in regards to the reconstruction materials that are allowed to enter Gaza. They have no alternative but to wait for the funding of the construction of their homes again.

The Prophet (SAW) said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity” [Tirmidhi]

Your donations will support those who have been affected by the devastating airstrikes and continuing blockade on Gaza. You can help us to supply emergency aid to those who need it most — including medical grants, food aid, access to water and rebuilding homes.

Your donations will help children in Palestine access urgent medical care and keep hospitals running. Your donations provide families in Gaza with the help they need through a managed monthly grant.

Projects Include:

  • Families without Breadwinners – العاعلة بدون معيل
    • Monthly Financial Grant to widowed and orphaned families
    • R20 000 – for a family for 6 months
  • Food Hampers
    $30 Food Hamper that will provide for a family of six for two weeks
  • Hot Meals
    Daily Hot Meals to families and individuals who have been homeless or are in temporary shelters

“The Palestinian people’s appeal is our appeal, we can’t support them on the ground without your support through donations. Together we must build a safer and more prosperous world for our future generations.” – said Theba.

It is our duty to stand up and be counted!!!


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