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Muslim Association Of South Africa – Ennerdale Distribution & Handover

Non-Profit Organisation ‘Muslim Association of South Africa’ have mobilized since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown implemented by the South African government.

Teams have been dispatched together with officials from the City of Joburg’s Social Development department including local ward councillors to properly assess the situation on the ground.

MMC for Community Development in the City of Johannesburg, Councillor Margaret Arnold’s encouraged the Association to continue its sterling efforts thus far.

“It is now not a time that we should be moving a part from each other, I’ve seen with my own eyes the work being done by this team, and they’ve been delivering all over the city, and we thank them for everything they are doing.”

Chairman of the Association, Yaseen Theba has urged members of the public and businesses to continue contributing towards the essential item hampers; including PPE, health and safety gear and food hampers which are being distributed during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“We have mobilized a team of volunteers to assist us in the distribution, we are working with provincial government and the City of Joburg to ensure that no distributions are being duplicated, in this way we will be able to cover all of the community’s in desperate need.”

Theba stressed that people are desperate during this time of uncertainty and pandemonium.

“Our distribution office and team members have been inundated with calls for urgent help and we are trying our very best to assist where we possibly can.”

The Muslim Association of South Africa will continue distributing much needed food hampers and health and safety gear to areas in need during the Coronavirus Pandemic and are looking at ways to continue the distributions in future as well.