MASA in partnership with the Africa Muslims Agency distributed food Hampers in the Bekkersdale Area as part of Africa Muslims Agencies #MoreThanAMeal Campaign.

The #MoreThanAMeal campaign that serves to provide more than just meals, to millions of people in 14 countries globally.

#MoreThanAMeal aims at providing not only food & water, but to bring Dignity, Safety and Nourishment, to the needy.

For many across the world, it is so much more than just food… it allows an orphan child to sleep at night without the pangs of hunger. It saves a widow from the grief of having nothing to feed her children. It stops vulnerable families from being abused.

For the donor, the reward is more than a meal. It is with the Almighty.

May the Almighty bless the donors for their generosity and grant them barkat in every aspect of there lives.

Food hampers lined up for distribution
AMA with the recipients
recipients with their food hampers
recipients walking with their food hampers