Press Statement


“A crisis that affects us all, requires a collaborated response from everyone.”

It’s been an intensely complex week for us and our medical volunteer team who have given of their energy, time and expertise to #MASAMedpark as we commit to finding innovative ways to have impact while supporting a burdened healthcare system & those who are #COVID19 positive.

It’s easy to say stay strong, but it is much harder to do so. Our teams have faced the most trying days and nights. But we have been supported in the most overwhelming and humbling manner.

We have constantly been reminded that when we come together as a collective force, we can emerge from this crisis.

Our chairman, Yaseen Theba put it perfectly when he said: “A crisis that affects us all, requires a collaborated response from everyone.”

When we look at the past week in numbers it talks volumes of what a small and dedicated team of volunteer medics, doctors and a community committed to touching the lives of COVID positive patients is able to do.

Seven Days in numbers:

– 813 Hotline Calls
– 7824 Whats App Responses
– 28 Volunteer Medics
– 32 Volunteer Doctors & other Healthcare Professionals
– 380 Rapid Antigen Home Tests
– 140 Medic Home Assessments and Wellness Checks
– 46 Oxygen Concentrators delivered
– 68 MASA Medpark Admissions (Includes transfers to hospitals facilitated by the MASA JOC team)

We cannot make it happen without the generous support of donors. And we humbly ask the community at large to assist us to continue to do all we can.

The Muslim Association of South Africa maintains a 100% Donation Policy. No matter how big or small the contribution is, it keeps this medical park serving: at a time when our country needs us to galvanise the most. Ensuring that we at a community level stand united in supporting those impacted by a pandemic that has ravaged families in every corner of our society.

JazakAllah for the support, contributions and goodwill. 🤲 😷 🇿🇦 We cannot do this alone. For more info visit www.muslim.org.za

On behalf of:

Dr Zaheer Kader & Yaseen Theba for
Muslim Association of South Africa (#MASAMedpark)


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– 072 832 1174 – media@muslim.org.za

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