Gaza – Immediate Emergency Relief

Update : 21st May 2021 @ 10am from FEROZ ESSAY


Shukr, we transferred the initial funds to the team in the ground in Gaza. In collaboration with Jamiat Ulema SA we have identified 50 families that we plan to sponsor from 1st June to end Nov 2021. Based on the support we get we will extend or expand the project inshAllah.

Hot Meals will also be prepared in collaboration with the Al Imdaad Foundation team. With your support we will feed over 5000 people within the next few days.

These collaborations allow us to maintain a 100% donation policy, ensuring that every cent donated is distributed, and reports to our donors directly from aid workers on the ground.

 Locked in the largest open-air prison for decades…
Subject to  continuous blockades and denied the very basic needs to survive…

Now under siege and attack, faced by continuous and indiscriminate aerial bombing, resulting in a catastrophe of obscene proportions…
Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Ghazza are in desperate need, and depend on us…

It is our duty to stand up and be counted !!!

The Situation is desperate…

  • Close to 250 martyred
  • Thousands injured
  • Tens of thousands homeless
  • Schools and Hospitals Bombarded
  • Residential buildings and homes targeted leaving thousands displaced and homeless
  • Shortage of Food and Medical Supplies

 MASA is facilitating various types of Immediate Emergency Relief on the ground in Gaza

Projects Include:

  • Families without Breadwinners – العاعلة بدون معيل 
    • Monthly Financial Grant to widowed and orphaned families
    • R20 000 – for a family of more than six persons for 6 months
  • Food Hampers
    • $30 Food Hamper that will provide for a family of six for two weeks
  •  Hot Meals 
    • Daily Hot Meals to families and individuals who have been homeless or are in temporary shelters