Saturday 14 August 2021 – 4:45pm

JOHANNESBURG – Some people in Gauteng prefer to get the jab at vaccination drive-thru sites.

There are sites operating in several districts across the province as the government ramps up efforts to get more people vaccinated.

Drive through vaccination sites are bolstering Gauteng’s jab rollout.

The province is aiming to administer 100,000 vaccines daily.

A site at the Houghton Mosque –has reached 11,000 vaccinations in a day.

Those who opt for the vaccine drive-thru say it’s safer and convenient.

The jabs are administered by volunteer doctors, who say the vaccination rollout makes them feel protected.

Volunteer vaccinator Mohamed Moti said, “we are not as much at risk if more South Africans are vaccinated, if we are less at risk we are less likely to pass on the disease to our loved ones, to our other patients too.”

“The arrival of the vaccinations has been amazing that’s why we’re here today <Saturday>, that’s why we volunteer our time. That’s why I come out every day after work because it’s a benefit for all of us.”

At another site at the Zwartkops Raceway – the first drive-thru vaccination site to be opened In Tshwane – vehicles are streaming in.

This site is also run entirely by volunteers.

Operations manager Fatima Juma said, “as soon as we opened, our number leveled up. Until 150 today <Saturday> as we speak, we’re at another mark of 220 plus… We are actually in awe as to the number of people that are coming out for the COVID-19 vaccines.”

The sites are open on weekdays and on Saturdays.

Those eligible to vaccinate are urged to make their way to the nearest centre.

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