Communities Should Stand United And Focus On Protecting Ourselves

Everything happens with the Will of Allah, in the Wisdom of Allah. Nobody can escape death and death comes at its appointed time. The test of the current conditions that we experience in terms of COVID19 is from Allah and in the Wisdom of Allah. We must accept and be pleased with the Decree of Allah.

At the same time, we must be cognizant of the fact that Allah has tasked us with the responsibility of taking care of the many amaanats entrusted to us, including that of our health and our lives.

With the Will of Allah, COVID 19 has taken a heavy toll on the populations of the World. South Africa is no exception and the Muslim community of South Africa has also seen many losses.
As a community the very core of every home has been left ravaged by the coronovirus and there isn’t a corner of our country that has been unaffected.
It is with great pain that we learn that the South African Muslim community has lost more than 2800 people, more than 1000 being that of our Mothers and sisters.

As the Muslim Association of South Africa, we are deeply concerned by the continued and consistent increase in numbers of positive cases within our communities.
We have been inundated with families in need of testing, oxygen concentrators and home support, and over the last few days the burial committees have been committing long hours.

At MASA, we will continue to do all that we can to support our brothers and sisters.

However, we implore the community to be more conscious and aware of symptoms, test as early as possible and remember that even if we are able to manage the symptoms for ourselves, similar symptoms for others may be life threatening.
A lack of testing and the lack of taking necessary steps of caution when displaying symptoms or after having interacted with positive persons, puts others at risk.
We must, as a matter of urgency, ensure that we take necessary steps, including governing how we interact with others, to reduce the numbers of those becoming infected.

Let us stand as a community, focused on protecting ourselves, and in so doing protect each other, as a collective.

May the Almighty Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala protect us all and grant us sabr, strength and comfort as we continue to lose loved ones, friends and colleagues, leaving an immense hurt at the very base of who we are.

May Allah guide us in all that we do. Aameen.

Muslim Association of South Africa

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