Calling all Millenials and Gen-Z citizens #LetsDoThis

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08 August 2021

Calling all Millenials and Gen-Z citizens #LetsDoThis

The time is almost here and MASA is ready to vaccinate people aged 18+ at the Houghton Masjid (West Street) as soon as vaccinations roll out for our countries young & vibrant age group.

Let’s start off by agreeing that everybody who can access a Covid-19 vaccine should line up and get the shot.

With the current data, some might argue that getting vaccinated might not stop infection or transmission, but we can all agree with the statistics that clearly show that it does prevent severe symptoms and hospitalisation.

What most of the medical specialist are seeing now is what experts call the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and what we hoping for is that as we get to a point when we’ll be able to vaccinate our largest age group, people aged 18+

“We will be able to reach an even closer realm to what we call elimination. Herd immunity through vaccination would help keep the COVID-19 virus from circulating within communities and therefore reduce how much it spreads. That’s key” said Yaseen Theba; “and we must do all we can to make vaccination easy and accessible to all.”

Theba is the Chairman of the Muslim Association of South Africa and continued to say: ” We are on a mission to vaccinate as many people as possible. The next phase of the national vaccination rollout programme will only be a success if people register, and then get their vaccines. This is the only way that we will eventually build up herd immunity and finally defeat the virus. The most important priority in the interim for us is making sure that we are prepared for this next phase.”

The drive-thru #VacciNation facility at the Houghton Masjid (West Street) has been a successful concept, and we are confident that we will keep the vaccination process simple, pleasant and efficient. There is no other way to get the Nation Vaccinated.

The success of the launch of the MASA #VacciNation drive-thru site alongside the Houghton Masjid and Gauteng Department of Health is partnerships that rest in a shared vision.

“Vaccines have been proven to save lives by ensuring that we minimise severe illness and hospitalisation among those that contract COVID-19,” points out Gauteng Health MEC Dr Nomathemba Mokgethi.

The MEC says there is a need to ensure a wide coverage when it comes to the vaccination of targeted populations.

“The ramping up of the vaccination rollout programme in Gauteng is about ensuring equitable access to vaccines by all eligible people in the province.

“COVID-19 has caused a major disruption in people livelihoods. The is a correlation between the Gauteng City Region’s social economic recovery and the speed at which we are able to roll out the vaccination programme. The more we get everyone vaccinated the quicker we can fast-track economic activities within our province.”

MEC Mokgethi has commended partnerships with business, civil soceity organisations, FBOs and other sectors as being key in the fight against the pandemic.

“It is through the types of partnerships the Gauteng Provinvial Government has entered with organisations like the Muslim Association of South Africa that we can get most people vaccinated and be able to halt the spread of COVID-19″ she said.

MASA welcomes the set up for the Lenasia Community by Saabrie Chisty, the Laudium Community set up by the Laudium Disaster Management (LDM), community volunteers & others. Additionally the many grass root level organisations who have been in contact and followed suit by setting up a similar model to serve their communities across the province and even the engagement with organisations across the country.

MASA is humbled to have set in motion an opportunity for extensive community engagement and support to local council and municipalities and welcome the formation of similar initiatives whereby we all stand united in supporting governmental efforts to vaccinate the nation.

We will continue to do all we can as an organisation that has positioned itself to ultimately serve our city, province and our collective home, because nobody is safe until we are all safe.

We look forward to an unrivalled uptake by our Millenials and our Gen-Z citizens.

We look forward to the energy and determination of our youth in playing their part by protecting and safeguarding our nation at large by getting their jab as soon as they are called upon to register.

#LetsDoThis #VacciNation
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