Assalamu alaikum, Peace be upon you.

Please read the following information

MASA is not currently providing support for individuals and for the 2020 year will only provide Zakaat Food Hampers.

This is an application form for organisations to request Zakaat for :

  • Basic essentials such as food

The amount of Zakaat we can give depends on the request and the verification process the organisation has to profile the beneficiaries.

No Cash Payments will be made out to any organisation for 2020.

We can give organisations further support throughout the year, but this will again be based on the request and the verification process.

We will aim to give you a decision on your application within 3 working days after you have submitted a complete application form.

The MASA Shura Committee has the right to decline any application without providing reasons to the applicant or the beneficiaries and the Shura Commitee decision is final.

A signed letter on an official letterhead motivating the request for Zakaat for the organisation must be mailed to or attached to the form.